The Healing Power of Music


Carol Swanson

Hi there! My name is Carol, and I will be talking in this blog about The Healing Power of Music. Music is many things to many people, and it touches them in various ways. But the knowledge of the healing power of music is an area of knowledge that, although it has been around for thousands of years, is just coming to the forefront of modern western thought.

Healing through music comes in many forms—it may help your emotions, your mood, or your attitude. Healing through music can change pessimism to optimism.

It can heal a broken heart, and teach empathy and compassion.

Healing through music is also being studied as it relates to physical healing. Here is a recent link about just that. Enjoy!

Music fills your soul when it’s empty, and makes it overflow with emotion. Case in point: The author’s husband Roy playing guitar for Todd!

What does music do for you? Well, I like music that takes me somewhere else—that transports me to another place and time. I also like music that makes me want to dance. Sometimes, I like music that affirms what I am feeling—as we said back in the day—“right on!” I am partial to melody and harmony. But that’s just me—there is a kind of music for everyone. But all music can heal you of whatever ails you.

There are tones that touch your heart, and encourage your body/mind/spirit to heal. So, in essence, musicians are healers.

When you are recuperating from anything, put on some music. Don’t think too much. Let the music wash over you and touch your cells. Just listen: (thanks to HarryRunt danu)

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Carol Schreiber Swanson is an Intensive English Instructor at a university. She is a longtime fan of Todd Rundgren, and sincerely believes (knows) that music heals hearts, minds, and bodies. Music is essential in her life. Her husband Roy, (also a longtime fan) is an accomplished musician, and even played with Todd. Carol lives each day with Multiple Sclerosis, and uses music as an integral part of her healing therapy. It’s all about having a positive attitude.

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