Music In Your Car

Carol Swanson

Hey you! Do you sing? I sing in my car; I have many diverse albums on my iphone, and the Bluetooth in my car makes it all so easy! I like Broadway tunes, jazz, and songs by various artists. The music selection depends on my mood. Nobody can hear me, and that’s probably a good thing! I don’t think the world is ready for me singing “Matchmaker”.

Music also helps me concentrate when I’m driving—I have solved many problems with music in the background. Sometimes, I even talk out loud (to no one)—it’s amazing how clear the answers are. But there is always music in my car. When I’ve solved the problem to my satisfaction, I then join the singer.

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Singing and your health

Here is some “carpool karaoke” with Stevie Wonder ad host James Corden.
It just makes me happy!

One thing is certain: I cannot drive without music.
So, the next time you are alone, belt it out!

Happy Singing!!!

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Carol Schreiber Swanson is an Intensive English Instructor at a university. She is a longtime fan of Todd Rundgren, and sincerely believes (knows) that music heals hearts, minds, and bodies. Music is essential in her life. Her husband Roy, (also a longtime fan) is an accomplished musician, and even played with Todd. Carol lives each day with Multiple Sclerosis, and uses music as an integral part of her healing therapy. It’s all about having a positive attitude.