A Gift For A Minstrel

Sara Stromseth-Troy

Veronica Morano of Sarasota, Florida, presents singer Todd Rundgren with her gift.

Longtime Todd Rundgren fan Veronica Morano of Sarasota, Florida attended “The Moral Imperative of Music Education Symposium” last weekend in Little Rock Arkansas, an event hosted by Rundgren’s The Spirit of Harmony Foundation and The Clinton School of Public Service.  Part of the weekend’s events included an appearance by Rundgren at the Arkansas Record-CD Exchange in North Little Rock in celebration of National Record Store Day.

Morano had met Rundgren a couple of times in the past, but this time she came bearing a gift for the singer: a guitar strap decorated with The Spirit of Harmony Foundation logo, Rundgren’s signature that he had penned specifically for the Foundation, images from Rundgren’s newest album, Global, and a background color combination of black and the green hue of Rundgren’s signature guitar named “Foamy.”

In an electronic interview, Morano described how the gift came to fruition:

Morano’s gift to Rundgren: a custom guitar strap.

“It was a most special time.  Long story short, I’ve been an avid Todd fan since I was 14 (40 years ago, I can’t believe it). Kudos to Rundgren Radio and Facebook for (organizing and publicizing) these events; without them it would not have happened.  I was particularly inspired to go to this weekend because I believe in the Spirit of Harmony Foundation and everything it stands for.  Having been classically trained musically throughout my school years, I was privileged to be given the resources to learn everything about music fundamentals.  I played the piano mostly.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to be without music in my life; it is my happy zone.”

She continued, “This particular event sparked my interest because I knew it would be important.  I bought my tickets. Since I have been lucky enough to meet Todd and get autographs a couple of times in the past year and a half (after waiting my whole life), I decided that this time, I would design a guitar strap for him and make sure he received it one way or another.  I wanted to make something for him that commemorated the weekend by combining the Spirit of Harmony Foundation images with Global so Todd would have sort of a souvenir piece personally made just for him.”

Singer/songwriter/producer Todd Rundgren poses with fan Veronica Morano upon receiving her gift of a special guitar strap.

When Morano discovered her friends were attending a CD signing for the new album, she decided she would take her gift along rather than ask for an autograph.

“When I arrived in Little Rock Saturday morning, my friends told me they were going to the CD signing at the record store.  I decided to take my gift and, rather than ask for autographs or pictures, give Todd my present, hoping he would open it and like it.  Needless to say, I am thrilled by his reaction and not only that, but to later find it was recorded and put on the local news.  Words just cannot describe how completely blown away I still am.  I am planning to do a Spirit of Harmony Foundation fund raiser here in Sarasota in conjunction with the music store.”


Sara Stromseth-Troy is a freelance newspaper feature writer and public library worker, where she specializes in social media and publicity. Fortunate to grow up surrounded by an extended family of music educators, she feels honored to volunteer in blog writing and social media for The Spirit of Harmony Foundation. She lives in Cresco, Iowa.